Future Hope Boy

Starlight' s Magic Doll's Monti

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Bei Monti kämpfen wir um jedes Gramm,
er ist leider sehr klein!
Sein Interesse für die Damenwelt
ist allerdings sehr groß!!!

Even this boy is very tiny,
his interests for the girl are very large.
In expression he is looking like his mother,
in head like his father,
in character he is his own.
A little individualist...

nearly 6 month ...

the gorgeous father and his pretty little b...boy

at 3 month...

at 4 month...

RollyPolly, our boy' s little mom...

at 3 month...

at 3 month ...

at 4 month...

Monti' s beautiful father,
our TinyMan...

Aren' t they cute,
with his pretty little brother Max?!!

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